Jose Ramirez Studio 3

Jose Ramirez Studio 3
Jose Ramirez Studio 3

Jose Ramirez Studio 3



As we continue to admire the newly designed line of the Jose Ramirez shop in Spain, we find ourselves before the Ramirez Studio 3. The whole concept behind this remarkable collection is to provide better quality and musicianship at a better price point. Well they have nailed it!

The Ramirez Studio 3 is the highest model of this fine selection. Better woods and a more complex acoustic box design, give this classical guitar more volume, more balance and more roundness in sound.

It looks at first robust and muscular, similar to the 4NE. The tone is vibrant and generous and it responds much faster than what we expected. This Ramirez likes to sing as its basses lay marvelous support to a very silky group of trebles. It’s all very well thought of as the guitar serves surprisingly well accompanying or soloing.

If one is into classical guitar it will leave you speechless for its voice and definition, if one is into popular music it will provide all the comfort, musicality and strength needed to articulate with other instruments.

After 140 years of creating inspiring classical guitars, this Spanish shop is surely amazing us one more time with their creativity, elegance and knowledge.

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Solid Red Cedar top

Indian Rosewood back and sides

Ebony fingerboard

Lacquer finish

650mm scale

52mm at the nut

Van Gent tuners