Artisanal guitar-making is a process of passion and precision — every instrument carries the personal touch of the sculptor. The luthiers we represent are world-class artists with rich, intricate histories in the musical tradition. We pride ourselves on passing on this tradition to the musician, collector and connoisseur.

Our guitars arrive in sonorous Miami, Florida, straight from the luthiers' studios, to be inspected by CEO Gianni Savino. Each instrument is delicately examined for excellency in its characteristics and attributes. They are then homed in their hard-shell cases, with 24/7 climate and humidity control, where they remain untouched until they come into your hands.
"Best place in Miami to get gorgeous handmade guitars from the best guitar luthiers in the world, and with good prices! The owner and CEO is very kind and will always have the knowledge to provide the best advice in case you find yourself lost in deciding between so many great options!" –Ivan M.

Savino Music is an online Classical and Flamenco guitar store in Miami, FL.  Our instruments are top artistry and craft - perfect for musicians, connoisseurs and collectors.  We represent brands that have been coveted at major international music conventions such as Namm, the China Fair, and Musikmesse in Germany. Savino Music is a member of the Miami Classical Guitar Society and the Florida Guitar Foundation.



manuel contreras no.3

This beautiful instrument has the spirit of a wild forest.   We are absolutely in love with this guitar: its powerful tone, its careful artistry, its consistency in all levels of craftsmanship, but most specially, the way it gives confidence to the player.